Capacity Building programmes

PHRN has been invited to build capacities of many organizations, networks and government functionaries to support grass-root level actions. Details are as follows:


Internship Programme

The internship programme has been a continuous effort to provide an orientation to our vision and approach, and a practical exposure to students from various fields and institutions. The organisation builds their capacities through the involvement of interns in its ongoing activities to help them develop an understanding on various social, health and nutrition related issues. The students are supervised by Dr. Ganapathy, Dr. Vandana Prasad, Dr. Suranjeen Prasad, Mr. Haldhar Mahto, Mr. Rajesh Sriwastawa and Shampa Roy among others.

Training of AWWs in Lohardaga, Jharkhand (GoJ & ISSNIP)

PHRS conducted a capacity building of 30 Anganwadi Workers (AWWs) of Senha and Sadar of Lohardaga district was done by the Jharkhand team of PHRS. This was part of the Poshan Vatika (Nutri Garden) programme under ISSNIP (supported by World Bank), and was conducted in collaboration with the Department of Women and Child Security, Government of Jharkhand. The training was conducted on the 18th and 19th of August, 2017. The AWWs are now conducting the mobilization meetings as per the learnings during the training.

Perspective building of PRADAN team on health and nutrition (Kathikund)

Regional integrators from the Kathikund PRADAN team had sought the aid of PHRS for a perspective building exercise. A training was undertaken in Ranchi for more than 40 professionals of PRADAN working in Santhal-Parghana region and Bihar region. The training was conducted on 5th and 6th August, 2017. The key personnel involved were Ms. Shampa Roy, Mr. Rajesh Sriwastawa, Mr. Haldhar Mahto, and Dr. Suranjeen Prasad from PHRS. We also engaged multiple external resource persons – Dr. Simmi Mahesh, Mr. Ashok and Dr. Sanjay. The standard perspective building curriculum of PHRS was used.

Perspective building of community leaders in Chaupal on health and nutrition (Ambikapur, Chhatisgarh)

An extended three-day training was conducted by PHRS for 40 block level mobilizers of Chaupal from 23rd to 25th September, 2017. These block level mobilizers had been engaged extensively in empowering the community on entitlements, and also advocacy. The main objective of the capacity building was for their perspective building on women health and nutrition. The main themes were to develop and understanding on social determinants of health and nutrition, infant and young child feeding practices (IYCF) and Life Cycle Approach. The participants were capacitated to do community level meetings for mobilization at hamlet and village level.

Exposure visit to AAM field areas

A team of members from Sathi Cehat spent three days in Jharkhand, from 1st to 3rd November 2017, visiting and learning about the crèche and PLI component in AAM field areas.  This visit was basically to inform Sathi Cehat about their plans in Maharashtra where they have committed to work on alleviating child malnutrition.  

Capacity Building of State Family Planning and Selected District and Block level Staff to successfully implement Family Planning Strategy in Jharkhand 

Health Policy Project (HPP) was implemented in the state of Jharkhand, by Futures Group in collaboration with other leading development partners. The project was funded by USAID. In its efforts to strengthen the implementation and monitoring of the Family Planning (FP) strategy, a capacity building initiative was undertaken by the Department of Health and Family Welfare with technical support from HPP. Towards its first step, Futures group approached Public Health Resource Network to conduct a Capacity Needs Assessment (CNA) exercise of Family Planning Cell, Department of Health and Family Welfare, and functionaries in three districts (Giridih, West Singhbhum and Simdega) to identify the needs and priority areas related to programme management, data analysis for strengthening FP programme in Jharkhand. Accordingly, a CNA was undertaken during December 2011 and January 2012. Based on the findings of the CNA, later on a capacity building exercise was conducted jointly with CINI to strengthen the functioning of the state FP Cell and district and block functionaries in three districts (Simdega, Giridih and West Singhbhum) to operationalize critical components of FP strategy and implement a robust FP programme in Jharkhand. Under the assignment, 8 trainings were conducted over one and half years including mentoring plan and execution of mentoring plan to improve strategic planning at the state level and also managing supportive supervision at district level.

Technical Support in Capacity Building of Frontline Health Workers in the State of Bihar

PHRN provided technical support in the capacity building of Frontline Health Workers in the state of Bihar. The assignment included development of training materials and capacity building of the existing trainers (Training of Trainers) available in the state/districts in Sitamarhi and Bodhgaya in Bihar, two intervention districts of Save the Children. Thirty five existed trainers in these two districts were trained in this workshop. PHRN also provided on ground supportive supervision to ensure the quality of trainings provided by Save the Children, India team and partner organizations, during the training of frontline health workers.

Capacity building of the members of the civil society organisations on malnutrition

Public Health Resource Network (PHRN) in collaboration with ActionAid, India organized a two day consultative workshop on child nutrition on 12-13 November, 2013 in New Delhi.  Forty members from civil society organizations and experts in the field of nutrition and public health participated in this consultation. The objectives of the technical session of this consultation were to build capacity of the members of the civil society organisations on basics of nutrition, situation of child nutrition and politics of nutrition in India, nutrition in emergency and conflict situation, National Food Security Act and community based management of malnutrition through sharing of experiences of different civil society initiatives in tackling malnutrition.

Capacity Building of Mobile Crèches staff on Malnutrition

Public Health Resource Network (PHRN) provided technical support in a three day training workshop organised by Mobile Crèches (MC) on 13-15 November, 2014, at Mobile Crèches, New Delhi. The objectives of the workshop were to conduct Training of Trainers (ToT) of Mobile Crèche team on the basics of malnutrition, nutrition assessment, growth monitoring, dietetics and dietary assessment, in addition to sharing of Action Against Malnutrition (AAM) crèche protocols and the process of programme monitoring based on MIS and growth monitoring under AAM. Twenty eight members from Mobile Crèches -Programme Managers, Programme Officers, Trainers and Supervisors were trained in this workshop

Capacity Building of MIS team of Mobile Crèches through an exposure to AAM MIS

Public Health Resource Network (PHRN) conducted two-day training workshop  on MIS for MIS team of Mobile Crèches on 11- 12 December, 2014. The objectives of this workshop were to understand purpose of MIS and to share AAM MIS format, process of data entry, and feedback given based on reports generated through MIS. Seven members from MIS team of Mobile Crèche were trained on MIS.

ASHA Resource Centre (ARC)

Public Health Resource Society has been playing the role of State Training Agency to roll out ASHA Modules 5, 6 and 7 to train ASHA trainers in 12 districts (Muzaffarpur, Darbhangra, Samastipur, Madhubani, Begusarai, Khagaria, Bhagalpur, Banka, Sheikpura, Sahasa, Purnia, Madhapura) in Bihar through a tripartite agreement with State Health Society, Bihar and National Health System Resource Network (NHSRC).  It also supports the ASHA trainers and District Training Agency from allocated districts in developing a district specific training plan and a training calendar for ASHA in addition to support the District Training Agency to roll out ASHA training in the allotted districts.

The assignment was further extended for 9 districts in Bihar (Muzaffarpur, Darbhangra, Samastipur, Madhubani, Begusarai, Khagaria, Bhagalpur, Banka, Sheikpura) through a tripartite agreement with the State Health Society, Bihar and National Health System Resource Centre (NHSRC) for the year 2014-15.