All persons who are active or interested to work in the field of health and development and who seek to promote the objectives of Public Health Resource Society can become members of the Society.

Types of membership

General Member: General membership may be given to a person active or interested to work in the field of health and development. Members are required to pay an annual membership fee as decided by the Governing Body of the Society from time to time. A member has the right to vote in elections of the Society.

Life Member: Any person eligible for ordinary membership may on paying the fixed fee at one time, become a Life-Member and the Life Member shall enjoy all the privileges of a General Member.

Student Membership: is accorded to those students who are actively pursuing an educational course conducted by the Society and who have paid all the dues. Student member will not be having right to vote in General Body.

Associate Member: Any organization actively associated with Public Health Resource Network and organization(s) actively involved in health, education and development work may be accorded Associate Membership upon payment of membership fee.

Affiliate Member: Any person who is contributing / participating in the activities of the Public Health Resource Network, may be invited by the Governing Body as an affiliate member without payment of membership fee. Such affiliate members will have all the rights of general members but they will not have the right to vote in General Body meetings.

Membership Subscriptions:

  • For the General Membership, the annual subscription shall be Rs 200.00 (Rupees two hundred only) and life membership subscription is Rs.3000.00 (Rupees three thousand only). The subscription fee could be revised by the Governing Body if approved by the General Body of the Society.
  • No subscription for student membership.
  • The Governing Body shall decide upon the subscription fee for other categories of members.

Rights and privileges of members

Members have the right to participate in all activities of the Society and have the privileges to receive all information/letters/brochures issued by the Society. They are also made members of the PHRN e group.


Communication, discussion, sharing of technical information etc. in the network is enabled by an e-group ( Any concerned individual may join the PHRN e group by a simple process of application through an existing member.