Papers/ Articles


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Contribution of Dr. Vandana Prasad, National Convenor, PHRN

  • Contributor to the FOCUS (Focus on Children Under Six) Report, Citizen’s Initiative for Children Under Six Citizens’. (2006). FOCUS, New Delhi: Secretariat of the Right to Food Campaign.(
  • Chapter on ‘ Socio economic context of childcare in India’, Day Care for Young Children in India; Issues and Prospects, edited by Vrinda Dutta and Rajani M. Konantambigi, Concept Publishing Co.
  • Chapter on ‘ Early Childhood Care and Education ‘ for a volume by HAQ: Centre for Child Rights – ‘Children In Globalising India’.
  • Chapter on ‘Children’s Health and Human Rights Issues’ for report on Health Rights as Human Rights, SAMA
  • Chapter on State of Health Services for Children for report on State of India’s Health Care Services, CEHAT
  • Part of the editorial group for ‘primers’ on the ICDS and Midday Meal programme (Right to Food Campaign)
  • Primary writer and editor for Campaign Issues in Child Health, 2006 (Jan Swasthya Abhiyan)
  • Articles relating to Child Rights have been published in a variety of Journals and magazines including Frontline (2010), ‘SEMINAR’ (1988), Women’s Link, Combat Law (2008), Health for the Millions (2008) etc.