Ongoing Research

  • Action Against Malnutrition
  • The contribution of civil society organisations to achieving ‘Health for All : PHRN has undertaken a research assignment The contribution of civil society organisations to achieving ‘Health for All’ on behalf of Jan Swasthya Abhiyan as part of a larger 3 year research project with the partial financial support of International Development Research Centre (IDRC). The project was initiated in November 2014 and will continue for one year.  The overall coordination of this (action) research project has undertaken by PHM globally, through a small group of personnel located in three offices of the PHM: India, South Africa and Egypt. Most of the work, centers around 6 countries having PHM activist groups: Brazil, India, South Africa, Italy, Colombia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The country research part of this project is centered on key themes related to successful campaigns, movements; knowledge generation, capacity building and networking. In India, this research project is housed in PHRN office and steered by a research group consisting of 11 members. The project aims to document (and support) the People’s Health Movement (PHM) in its activities as a social movement at global, regional and national levels towards achieving ‘Health for All’.

 Researches undertaken in the past